Tin Tin Hlaing

Managing Director

Su Su Hlaing


Mingalaper! (Nice to meet you)

I’m Tin Tin Hlaing, CEO at Hightech Princess Holdings.

We, Hightech Princess Holdings has established since 1998. It’s very first ISP in Myanmar. And we’ve contributed to build-up “.com.mm” domain officially in Myanmar.

Because of the tumultuous of the decade in Myanmar, we got a lot of effects in business.

But we are still believing the possibility of ICT and continuing related business. Now we are basically participating Network Infrastructure  sector.

Now we defined us as “2nd founding period”, and we are challenging to expand our business with integrated style between traditional and new generation.

We will go into value added ICT/IoT service sector in addition to Infrastructure sector.

We believe ICT/IoT convert the benefit more directly to the people. And it leads better life environment and people future in Myanmar.

1 Jan 2019.

Meet our team


General Manager

Wai Yan Phone Myint



No. 25 (B), Thiri Street, Parami Street, Yankin Township, Yangon 

Tel 09 423307777, 09 43626666

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